A police car stopped over while doing this piece. After the usual id check and what-are-you-doing-and-why routine they asked me how long does it take me to finish the work.
I was like wtf??? …. 2 minutes I guess
"Then hurry up before another patrol comes who perhaps doesn’t like artists. We will check after how it turned out"

wow @ Tallinn
autumn 2013


The hills have eyes and souls

© Marleen Valdmaa



Rainbow Mountains Zhangye Danxia, China

It’s really real.

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“I think people spend too much time staring into screens and not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing, and dancing under the moon.”
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ELLE MAGAZINE: The Alvin Ailey Dancers Take on Spring’s Best Dresses

PhotographyKathryn Wirsing   

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